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Potato Soup? Get the Right Ingredients!

I tried a recipe in the crock pot some time ago that was called “Easy Fix Potato Soup.” Yeah, right. Easy fix.

The ingredients called for potatoes, water, onions, celery, carrots, butter, salt, pepper and evaporated milk. I had never cooked with evaporated milk before, and wasn’t quite sure about it.

So I went to the grocery store for the ingredients, but I bought condensed milk instead of evaporated milk. I didn’t know the difference. Let me tell you, there is a big difference. I am now aware of that.

I have to admit the soup didn’t really taste like potato soup. It was kind of like a milk shake with potatoes, and I couldn’t quite eat it.

The right ingredients are important in cooking potato soup. The right ingredients are also vitally important to finding peace and happiness in our lives.

So often we get it all wrong. We sometimes believe we need the ingredients of wealth, fame, good looks to be happy. We sometimes believe we need alcohol or drugs to bring us peace. So often we get it all wrong.

A writer by the name of Dennis Wholey states that only 20 percent of Americans are happy today.

I find it interesting that a Gallup survey showed that people who are committed to their faith are twice as likely to be “very happy” than the least religiously committed people.

Here is my opinion, for what it’s worth. I believe the most important ingredient to finding lasting happiness is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Are you happy today? Do you have peace in your life? What ingredients are you counting on?

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