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A Visit To Pompeii

It was so incredible to visit Pompeii several weeks ago in the southern part of Italy.

The great writer Charles Dickens made a similar visit in the year 1844. He wrote his impressions in his account called, "Pictures From Italy."

Dickens wrote, "Stand at the bottom of the great market place of Pompeii, and look up the silent streets, through the ruined temples of Jupiter and Isis, over the broken houses with their inmost sanctuaries open to the day, away to Mount Vesuvius, bright and snowy in the peaceful distance; and lose all count of time, and heed of other things, in the strange and melancholy sensation of seeing the Destroyed and the Destroyer making this quiet picture in the sun. Then, ramble on, and see, at every turn, the little familiar tokens of human habitation and every-day pursuits; the track of carriage-wheels in the pavement of the street."

Visiting Pompeii reminded me very clearly that the end does come. It sometimes comes when we least expect it. The citizens of ancient Pompeii had no clue that the end was coming for them. They were completely unprepared.

Ultimately, that day will come for each of us. Scripture says it like this, "Everyone must die once, and after that be judged by God." (Hebrews 9:27)

Unlike the citizens of Pompeii, I want to be ready for that day. I want to claim the grace and mercy of God this day and to hold God's hand throughout life. I want to be ready in my heart for the inevitable. What about you?

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