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Did I Leave Anyone Out?

I like the story about a family who gathered around the table for the Thanksgiving meal, looking at the turkey. Each one was asked to express his gratitude in prayer, from the oldest to the youngest.

When they came to the 5-year-old in the family, he looked at the turkey and expressed his thanks to the turkey, saying although he had not tasted it, but he knew it would be good. After that, he began with a long line of credits, thanking his mother for preparing the turkey and his dad for buying the turkey. But then he went a step further.

The child prayed, “I thank you for the checker at the grocery store who checked out the turkey. I thank you for the grocery store people who put it out for sale. I thank you for the farmer who made it fat. I thank you for the man who made the feed. I thank you for those who brought the turkey to the store.”

He traced the turkey all the way from its beginning to his plate. Finally he earnestly said; “Did I leave anybody out?” His brother, who was slightly embarrassed by all this, said, “God.” Without any hesitation, the 5-year-old said, “I was about to get to him.”

Perhaps that is the question that we should think about today. Are we finally going to get around to God this Thanksgiving? Psalm 100 affirms, “Enter God’s gates with thanksgiving.”

Let’s make this Thanksgiving a special day - - a day of real gratitude to our Creator and Redeemer and Sustainer.

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