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I Thought He Was Your Dog - - By Rev. Weldon Bares

Gerald Kennedy was a well-known bishop in the United Methodist Church. He told a good story about himself. He made a pastoral call one day as a young preacher. He rang the doorbell and was quickly joined on the front porch by a large friendly dog. When the front door was opened, Reverend Kennedy walked in, accompanied by the dog. Nothing was said about the large friendly dog as Kennedy and the lady of the house sat down in the living room and visited.

In a few minutes they both heard the sound of broken glass. Soon the dog appeared in the living room and jumped on the couch with muddy feet. At this the woman said to her new pastor, "Do you usually bring your dog along on your visits?" Young Kennedy exclaimed, "I thought he was your dog!"

We sometimes we get so confused about things. The result is that we sometimes get our priorities mixed up. We end up putting great emphasis on things that really are not very important. And we sometimes give very little attention to those things that are of paramount importance.

How can we get our priorities straight? How can we get rid of uncertainty in our lives? Personally, I believe the best answer is to put our trust in God; to have a personal relationship with Christ.

That is why it is so important for us to spend time in prayer . . . to go to church on a regular basis . . . to read the Bible . . . to ask God each day to be a part of our lives.

Without God, we don't have a clue. But with God, our lives begin to make a little more sense.

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