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Law Enforcement Officers - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

I came across the following tribute that was written by the wife of a police officer:

"Dear Officer,

“I see you. I see you choose the booth at the restaurant that lets you have your back to the wall. I see you pulled over two hours after your shift as you finish your reports under a streetlight. I see you as you direct traffic in the scorching heat, the gusting snow, and the downpour of rain. I see you as the mainstream media crucify your character and minimize your cause. I see that you are tired, frustrated and misunderstood. I see that you are hurting as the world watches you burying your brothers and sisters who died because they were guilty of one thing - wearing a uniform with a badge.

“I see how it has been increasingly more difficult for you to lay your life on the line for a world that has slowly turned its back on you. But I know that won't stop you. What the world seems to forget is that you don't suit up every day for their approval. And God knows you don't do it for the money. You do it because it is your calling. You do it because you believe you can help goodness persevere in the face of evil.

“I need you to know that you are appreciated by a vast majority of people who are in your corner. You are honorable. You are courageous. We see you. We appreciate you. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Thank you for getting up one more day to protect my family. You are undeniably my heroes."

I could not agree more. God bless you!

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