Holidays Can Be Difficult - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

The holiday season can be a time of pain. It's not all beautiful Christmas trees and smiling children sitting around opening gifts. It's not always like a Hallmark card or a Norman Rockwell painting.

For some, Christmas means sadness. Sadness because a loved one is no longer present to share in the joy of the season. Sadness because there is an estrangement in the family. Sadness because of illness.

For some, Christmas is a time of pain. Pain because their children will not receive a gift or even a nice meal.

For some, Christmas is a time of loneliness. While families gather to share in the joy of the season, some are alone.

I have read statements from experts in the field who claim that more people suffer from depression during the holiday season than any other time of the year.

If the Christmas season is an unhappy time of the year for you, allow me to say the following: Jesus of Nazareth knows what it means to be sad. He knows what it means to lonely. He knows what it means to lose a loved one in death. He knows what it means to be deprived (he was born in a stable!) He knows everything that we are going through, because he has been there.

This Christmas season, let me encourage you to ask the Prince of Peace to touch your life. Ask him to give you peace and joy. Let him make this Christmas a meaningful time in your life. He can do it. Turn to him!


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