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"Straying From God" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

The national news media carried a story some time ago about a 61-year-old Massachusetts grandmother. She took some wrong turns and got into a lot of trouble.

It was her first day on the job as a school bus driver. She got so lost that she wound up in Connecticut. An all-points bulletin was issued for her on charges of kidnapping because she had already picked up ten children. The FBI was called in, since she had crossed a state line.

The police finally located and questioned this very upset woman. They concluded that she had just made some wrong turns and gotten lost.

Over the years, I think that I have figured out that most people who stray away from God are not really angry with God or hostile toward the church. They just got distracted. They made a wrong turn, and suddenly found themselves lost. Has that, perhaps, happened to you?

I encourage you to spend a few minutes today reading something very important. Turn to the Gospel of Luke and read the 15th chapter. It has three wonderful short stories that Jesus told: a shepherd searching for a lost sheep. A woman searching for a lost coin. A father and his lost son. The point is that our Creator is searching today for those who have gone astray.

I believe that God is more anxious to find us than we are to be found. Have you, perhaps, strayed? Do you hear God whispering your name today? Why not come home? God is waiting for you.

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