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"I Wish You Had Known Him" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

Some of the readers of this column might not have known him, but I wish you had.

Steve Landry served on the staff of our church for sixteen years as our assistant sexton. I have known him for the last seven years.

Steve passed away in January of this year, but I still think about him every day. I guess because I have never quite seen anyone like him before.

He was something. He really was. Steve was always the first to arrive and the last to leave. He would do anything to help anybody. No questions asked. He truly had a servant’s heart. Just ask anyone who knew him.

I think about Steve a lot because I want to be more like him. I really do. I could see the light of Christ in him. He made those 62 years really count for something.

On the day of Steve’s funeral, Mayor Roach proclaimed it “Steve Landry Day.” That was so fitting.

I can imagine Steve in Heaven, changing light bulbs, if that were ever needed, greeting new arrivals, offering to help unpack, cooking breakfast. A servant’s heart never really stops beating, or serving, or loving.

Maybe you didn’t know him, but I wish you had. He was really something.

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