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"A Mother's Testimony" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

Some time ago, I was going through our family home with my four brothers, slowly cleaning out different rooms. That was such a surreal experience, to walk through the house, our home, that holds so many precious memories.

In one closet I found two large boxes, full of things that my mother had kept over the years, including, it must be, every sermon that I had ever preached, and every article that I have ever written.

She kept every one. I have to think that on nights that she had trouble sleeping, she would pull out one of those and start reading it, and then go right to sleep.

She kept everything. Old report cards and Mother’s Day cards and birthday cards.

I also found this. A single sheet of paper with her handwriting. I don’t know the occasion or the date, but it was on the back of a church bulletin.

She wrote this title, “What Christ means in my life.” Here is what she wrote: “Where do I begin? I will ever be grateful to my Christian parents. Since Christ has been real in my life, I have led a full wholesome life. Truly, when I came to Christ, he set me free from any evil desires.

“The absolute joy of seeing my little ones have the love of Jesus in their hearts was my greatest joy in life.

“The example of Jesus’ life was the best guideline to turn to in rearing five sons, to say, ‘What would Jesus do?’

“I am so thankful that they have Jesus as the Lord of their lives. I am stronger in my love for God because of them.” And then she quoted scripture, “A little child shall lead them.”

She has been gone for fifteen years. It seems like fifteen days. Sometimes like fifteen minutes. I sure do miss her. Happy Mother's Day!

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