"Hugging a New York Giants Fan" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

June 4, 2017


     I was at historic Wrigley Field in Chicago on a group tour not too long ago. What a place! The Cubs were playing the Yankees that day, so a number of New Yorkers were there, including some fans of the New York Giants football team.

     I was watching part of the game standing on a ramp, leaning against a rail, trying to get some sun on this cold day. A big guy walked past me, then he stopped and came back to me. He was wearing a New York Giants shirt and had blue and white spiked hair. He was holding a cup of beer. Obviously not his first one. He shouted to me, “That is the worst %#%^# sweater in the world.” I was wearing a Dallas Cowboys pullover sweater. I wasn’t trying to make any kind of statement. It’s not even football season. It was cold.

     So I kind of smiled and said, “Yeah, whatever.” He went on his way. A few minutes later, here he came again. I thought to myself, “Oh brother, what now?”

      He approached me once again and said, “Hey man, I hate that %$#%$# sweater, man.” I smiled and said, “Well, that’s just the way it is.” The blue-white spike-haired guy then said, “I’m just messing with you, man. Give me a hug.” He then threw his arms around me, with his beer still in his hands. I tepidly hugged back. I’ve never hugged a New York Giants fan before. I’m not quite sure how one does that. I just hope that I didn't get Giants germs.


      But it all just reminded me that you never know what a day is going to bring your way. The world is full of surprises. God is a God of surprises. Even in Chicago. Even with a New York Giants fan with blue and white hair.

     At least I lived to tell the story!

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