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"When Your Dog is Covered With Mud" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

My dog, Max, is about seven years old. He is pretty bright, most of the time. But there is one thing that Max just doesn’t get, in spite of my trying to teach him. If it rains, he enjoys playing in the mud. He is an Italian Spinone, which is officially classified as a Pointer. So, I guess in all that mud, he is pointing to something.

Max doesn’t see the big deal. Grass, dirt, dust, mud, muddy water. What’s the problem? The problem is that he gets really muddy. I have seen him at times almost literally covered in mud, from wet nose to wagging tail.

When I open the back door to feed him, he wants to come inside and visit for a while and hang out. I try to explain to him that when he is covered in mud, he can’t come inside. He never seems to understand and, without fail, his feelings are hurt.

I’m so thankful today that things are different with God. We don’t have to be clean in order to come to God. God never closes the door on us because we have done wrong. Even if we are covered with mud in our souls, God doesn’t bolt the door against us. He offers forgiveness and another chance at life. I love the words found in the prophet Isaiah, “Come now, let’s settle this matter. You are stained with sin, but I will wash you clean as snow.” (1:18)

Are you stained today? I have good news for you!

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