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"A True Fan" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

I bumped into a complete stranger while shopping. He was decked out in Dallas Cowboys attire like I've never seen before. He was wearing a Cowboys cap, shirt and sweat pants. He also had a Cowboys bandanna around his neck. I asked him if he liked the Cowboys. He looked at me like I was crazy until I told him I was just kidding. He showed me his Dallas Cowboys wallet and said that he was also wearing Cowboys boxers. I just took his word on that. I assured him that I was a big fan and had been so since I was a kid.

I then asked him if was loyal during the countless lean years. Fair-weather fans irritate me. He told me that he had remained faithful. We then spent the next 10 minutes talking about the past season and expressing our mutual disdain for certain teams.

Now isn't that silly? Two grown guys, complete strangers, talking to each other in Target like life-long friends, like war-buddies, because we like the same football team.

I'm afraid that all of us get wrapped-up in something. I'm guilty of that, but you are too. Is it hunting for you? Is it fishing? Or grandchildren, or school, or sports? Is it work, shopping, computers, golf, bowling, sewing, jogging?

There is nothing wrong in being wrapped-up in things. But so often when it comes to what’s really important, the excitement is not there. Sometimes, when it comes to our faith and our church, the zeal just vanishes. Why is that?

I pray that God will forgive us for so often mis-placing our devotion. May God help us to be a "true fan" and to show it in how we live.

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