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"National Geographic Article" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

An interesting story is found in the Gospel of Matthew about Jesus asking his disciples a profound question: “And what about you? Who do you say that I am?”

This past December National Geographic Magazine had a cover story entitled, “The Real Jesus: What Archaeology Reveals About His Life.” (December 2017) I found the article so interesting.

I want to share with you a statement in the article. It quoted Eric Meyers, an archaeologist and emeritus professor in Judaic studies at Duke University.

The professor stated, “I don’t know any mainstream scholar who doubts the historicity of Jesus. The details have been debated for centuries, but no one who is serious doubts that he is an historical figure.”(page 42)

As to whether the claims of Jesus are true is for you to personally decide. Whether Jesus actually existed is simply a matter of historical record.

So the crucial question of the carpenter from Nazareth comes to us across the centuries. He asked his first disciples, “And what about you? Who do you say that I am?” May we join with Simon Peter in affirming, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” (Matthew 16:16)

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