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"Walking Papers?" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

When I was in the 8th grade at Lafayette Elementary school I was in a class that was a little bit above my skill level: Honors Science.

Our teacher, Mr. Hollier, had a not-so-good habit of calling out everyone’s grades out loud at the end of the six week’s period. So one day, as we sat in our seats, he called out the names and grades: “Arceneaux, A. Anderson, A. Broussard B. Bradley A. Bares D.”

Oh! I was so embarrassed. I could feel the blood rushing from my shoulders to my face, all the way to the top of my head, causing my hair to permanently fall out. He then said, “If that happens again, son, you’ll get walking papers.”

Walking papers? I had never heard that expression before, but it didn’t sound very good. I soon figured out that it was going to be eighth grade judgment day.

We don’t like to think about it, but a day of judgment is coming to our world, and to each one of us. The scripture refers to it as the “Day of the Lord.” We don’t know when it’s coming. We don’t know all the details. We just know of its certainty.

Billy Graham once said that every person has to do three things. Number one, every person has to be born. Secondly, every person, unless Christ comes in our lifetime, has to die. And number three, every person, with no exception, is going to stand before God to be judged.

A quick, simple reminder today. Someday the Lord is going to make everything right. A day of judgment is surely coming.

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