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"Bob Gibson Rookie Card" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

I had been looking for this baseball card for a long time to complete a collection: a 1959 Topps Bob Gibson. This card is a little expensive because it is Bob Gibson's rookie card. I searched for the card, but could never find it for a reasonable price.

Finally, I found the card online for fifteen dollars. Do you know why it was so cheap? It has a scar on the picture that takes away from the card's value for collectors. But it is perfect for me.

This card with the slight defect makes me think about our lives. So often a scar in our lives causes us to be cheapened in the eyes of others. I'm not talking about a physical scar, but scars that are deeper and more painful. Scars like an abusive parent, a divorce, a drinking problem. Scars like depression, falling into some terrible sin, being "labeled" by others. Scars like unemployment or a poor reputation. Are you carrying a scar in your life today?

It is so important for us to know that even though our society devalues those with scars in their lives, God never does. In fact, Jesus seemed to always seek out those with deep scars: those with leprosy, the hated tax-collectors, the crippled, the outcasts. He does the same thing today.

If you are carrying a scar today, the good news is that Christ is on the lookout for you. Not to condemn you. Not to embarrass or shame you. He is on the lookout for you for one reason only: to forgive you and to be your friend. He knows what it's like to be looked down upon. He knows what it's like to be cheapened. He knows what it's like to be scarred. His hands and his side tell the story. He understands.

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