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"Does Your Pastor Know You?" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

Several years ago when I was in another community, the funeral home director called to ask me if I would conduct a funeral service for somebody who did not belong to any church. I had a busy week, but I agreed to do the service.

At the funeral home on the evening before the service the adult daughter of the deceased man pulled me aside. With a frown on her face she said to me, “I just want you to know that I’m not one bit happy about someone doing the funeral service for my father who didn’t know him.”

I was a little taken back by this and said to her, “If you would like for me to not do the service, I certainly won’t do it.” She quickly changed her tune and said, “No, no. We need you to do the service.” I then said as politely as I could, “I’m sure your father was a good man, but you know, it’s not really my fault that I didn’t know him.”

Here was the challenge. He had no church home. He never went to church. I’m not saying that he was a bad person or anything of the sort. In fact, he had a good reputation in the community. He simply never darkened the door of any church. Because of that, no minister personally knew him. And so, I was called upon to conduct his service. His daughter wasn’t happy about it.

Perhaps someday, a member of the clergy will be called upon to conduct your funeral service. Will you be a complete stranger on that day?

More importantly, will you be a stranger to God? Scripture affirms that NOW is the time to get acquainted with God.

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