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"A Moment I Will Never Forget" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

I had the privilege recently of participating in the ordination service of our Louisiana United Methodist Annual Conference for my associate pastor, Rev. Katie. It was a very impressive service in every way.

The Bishop of our church, along with several others, laid hands upon the head of each person entering the ministry of the church. It was a very sacred moment.

During the service I thought back to my own ordination to the ministry many years ago. With tears in my eyes I thought back to that moment. My parents and two of my brothers were present that night. Several lay persons in the church I served were present. Several clergy who were instrumental in my life joined the Bishop in laying hands on me. I will never forget it. I really mean that. That precious moment is ingrained in my memory.

I had so many mixed emotions that evening in Shreveport. With a touch of sadness I thought of my mother, who is now praying for me in Heaven. I thought of the seriousness and magnitude of being called to the ministry. I thought of God’s presence in my ministry over these many years. I thought of times when I have failed, and asked for God’s strength to do better. I silently rejoiced at the incredible privilege of having a small part in the work of God’s Kingdom.

God is still calling people to the ministry. An ordination service in Shreveport last week reminded me of that. P.S. Congratulations Rev. Katie! I am SO proud of you!

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