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"Baseball Cards Worth $3 Million!" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

I was really interested in a story about the discovery of some rare baseball cards in the attic of an old home in Defiance, Ohio.

After the death of an aunt, the family was cleaning out her old family home. In the process, they discovered an old box under a dollhouse in the attic. The box contained 700 baseball cards that were issued in 1910. Amazingly, the cards were in mint condition. The cards are valued at three million dollars.

I have a nice collection of old baseball cards. But I could only dream of something like this. The cards in the discovery included Hall of Fame members like Cy Young, Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner. Wow. What a discovery. What a treasure.

Jesus talked about finding treasure. In Gospel of Matthew, chapter 13, he told about a farmer who found a buried treasure when he was plowing his field. He talked about a merchant who discovered a perfect pearl.

I think his point was pretty simple: finding a buried treasure in a field or a perfect jewel or even three million dollars of baseball cards in the attic cannot be compared to the awesome discovery of the kingdom of God.

So consider a personal question today. Have you ever made that incredible discovery of the kingdom of God? It is a real treasure that lasts forever!

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