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"The Gift of Reading" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

A member of my church came recently to visit in my office. After our visit, she asked if she could spend a little while looking at my books. She looked at the books on shelf after shelf. She pulled out several books and commented on how interesting they looked.

I was quite flattered for someone to take the time to do this. I was also impressed with her curiosity and her deep love of books. She told me, “Oh, I love reading. I always have.”

President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Books are the greatest of companions.” He told a friend one day, “Reading is a disease with me.” I read recently that he would often read two or three books a day, even as president.

Consider doing this today. Put down your cell phone for a little while. Turn off the TV. Read some classic from literature. It will be so much better than watching TV or surfing the Internet.

I am thankful today for the precious gift of reading. And especially the privilege of reading the greatest book in the world, the Bible. God will speak to us in meaningful ways as we read and study that book.

Somebody once said, “The person who loves books will never be lonely.” Take time today to read!

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