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"The Jordan River" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

Seeing the Jordan River in Israel is an incredible experience. Our tour group gathered at the traditional baptismal site in the Holy Land, where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Actually, there are two traditional sites. One is just south of the Sea of Galilee and the other is closer to the Dead Sea.

It was so meaningful for our group to visit this holy site and to reaffirm our baptism in the river where Jesus was baptized by John.

Obviously, we were not the only visitors that day. As I looked around at those present on the banks of the Jordan River, I saw different skin colors and many nationalities. I heard many languages being spoken. It was amazing.

I will never forget the scene of twenty Nigerians standing waste-deep in the Jordan River, singing in their native language, as one of the group was baptized.

I was reminded in a powerful way that Jesus does not belong to any one culture or race or nationality. His love is for the whole world. His grace is for every individual.

The powerful experience of the Jordan River is for all of us. The water of baptism is free. The love of Jesus is for everyone.

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