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"Sometimes You Never Know . . ." -- by Rev. Weldon Bares

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Sometimes you never know who is going to rise up to make a difference.

I was the pastor of the United Methodist Church in Springhill, Louisiana for four years. It was four of the happiest years in my ministry. Putt and his family were a part of our church and he was active in our youth group. In those four years, I could see a special something in this high school kid. We stayed close over the years. In fact, I conducted the wedding for Putt and Sarah several years ago.

Fast forward to the present. Hurricane Laura zeroed in on southwest Louisiana. With dread I watched it slowly make her way across the Gulf of Mexico with a bulls-eye on our community.

A couple of days before the massive storm hit, Putt called me on the phone and said that his restoration company out of Shreveport would be in Lake Charles. I asked him to please check on our church. I am so thankful that he did. The church lost portions of the roof and suffered serious water damage. But Putt and his workers were there the day after the storm, and they saved the day for us.

I am not writing this as a commercial, but as a testimony. A testimony of God’s faithfulness. A testimony of God’s hand upon our lives when we have no clue.

He was just a kid in our youth group back then. But what a difference he has made for a community of faith in Lake Charles in the midst of a dangerous hurricane.

Don’t underestimate that kid in your church or youth group or Scout troop or family. He or she just might save the day someday. Thank you to Putt and Putman Restoration for their incredible work!

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