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"Does God Heal People Today?" - by Rev. Weldon Bares

Some of the greatest stories in the Bible are the healing miracles that Jesus performed, detailed in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We find amazing stories of Jesus healing the sick, bringing sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf. Many ask the question: Does God still heal people today?

I certainly don’t pretend to understand everything about the great mystery of healing, why some are healed and some are not. But I believe that God is the One who brings healing in our lives, and that God still heals people today. I believe that with all of my heart. God heals through medicine. God heals through doctors and hospitals. And God can also bring physical healing instantly with the touch of His hand.

Very importantly, God can heal us in a different way. God can heal us spiritually, where it really counts. I have seen it so many times, where God does not bring physical healing, but gives genuine peace and courage.

And ultimately, God heals in eternity. On the other side of the grave, God offers complete wholeness. But make no mistake, the healing presence of God is here today.

The writer of Psalms prayed, “Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me." (Psalms 30:2) In the book of Exodus, God said, “I am the Lord, who heals you.” (Exodus 15:26)

Does God heal people today? He certainly does.

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