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"Don't Get Lost in Fes, Morocco" - by Rev. Weldon Bares

I was in Morocco for a couple of weeks on a group tour. It was amazing. For several days, our group visited the Imperial City of Fes. We visited the old town part of the city where cars are not allowed. The alleyways are way too small. There are thousands of alleyways with small shops on both sides. In fact, our guide told us that there are over 9,000 small alleyways in the old town area.

We had 20 people in our group. Our local guide that day, Thami, told us, “Don’t get lost back here.” I thought to myself, “Yeah, thanks for the advice.” He said, “Keep your eye on me. I know the shortcuts.”

Our guide knew everyone in those alleyways. They called him, “the candy man,” because he always carried around 2 big bags of candy, and he would give the shopkeepers and peddlers and children a piece of candy.

Now sometimes, I would lose sight of our guide and fall way behind because the nice woman in front of me would stop to take a picture of every cat or kitten that she would see. There so many cats! But our guide had given to us a small radio receiver to put in our ear, so we could always hear his voice and eventually follow him. They called that little device, a whisperer.

Let me tell you, without him and the whisperer, I would still be in Fes, Morocco in those winding alleyways trying to find my way out.

You know, that is sometimes how it is with our faith. Sometimes we get stuck in the back alleyways of life and we can’t seem to find our way out. I am so thankful today that we have a guide. I’m so thankful today that we can hear, if we listen carefully, the WHISPER of God. I am so thankful today for Jesus, who said, “I am the way."

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