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"Dropping Things in 2022" - by Rev. Weldon Bares

On New Years Eve in Times Square large crowds traditionally gather to celebrate and to witness the ball drop over New York City. It is quite the spectacle.

The first time this was done was on December 31, 1907. It has been done every year since then, except 1942 and 1943, because of the war blackouts. It was scaled back last year because of the pandemic.

It seems like dropping things is quite popular on New Year’s Eve. A giant peach is dropped in Atlanta. In Miami they drop a big orange. In Brooksville, Florida, they drop a 200 pound tangerine. A giant moon pie is dropped in a celebration in Mobile. In Raleigh, it’s an acorn. There is a cheese drop in Plymouth, Wisconsin. A sardine is dropped in Eastport, Maine. Mt. Olive, North Carolina has a pickle drop.

Maybe all of this dropping can be a reminder to us as we begin a new year . . . a reminder that we need to drop a few things in our lives.

For example, let’s ask God to help us to drop any hard feelings and grudges that we are carrying against somebody. Let’s drop the pride that keeps us from apologizing to someone. Let’s drop the excuses for not being involved in a church. Let’s drop our tendency to stereotype and ostracize others.

As I am writing these words, God is reminding me of several things that I really need to drop in this new year - - and some positive things I need to do in their place. Happy new year!

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