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"Honduras and Cuba Muscle Power!" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

We have a beautiful prayer garden at our church with a large statue of Jesus that was a gift to the church several years ago. The statue is around 5 feet tall, made of solid concrete. It was on a pedestal. But Hurricane Laura had other ideas.

Two days after the storm I found the statue on the ground. I could not budge it one inch. Literally, I could not move it a single inch. How in the world would we get this incredibly heavy statue standing straight and tall once again?

The answer came from some workers from Honduras and Cuba who were working on hurricane damage at the church. They heard about our plight and they worked together to put the statue back in its place. This was no easy task. It took all of those guys working together to lift the concrete statue.

Now obviously, this was not in their job description or scope of work. But they did this as a favor to the church. Several of them made the sign of the cross when they finished their job.

They were Roman Catholics from another country who didn’t speak English. But they used their muscle-power to help out their Methodist sisters and brothers in America.

So from now on, when I see the statute of Christ in our prayer garden, I will be reminded of the living Christ, who is the Savior of us all. And I will also think about nine Cubans and Hondurans who cared enough to make a difference for us. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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