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"I Gave My Little Henry Clay to God" - by Rev. Weldon Bares

I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. Asbury was founded by Henry Clay Morrison. He was an old-time, old-school Methodist preacher and evangelist.

I recently read an interesting book entitled, “The Story of Asbury Theological Seminary,” by Dr. Kenneth Kinghorn, a former professor of mine.

The first page of the book has this introduction: “Henry Clay Morrison was born on March 10, 1857, in Trimble County, Kentucky. When he was three weeks old, his mother attended a Quarterly Meeting at Hickory Grove Methodist Church. In this gathering, she gave her infant son to God and to God’s service.

“After his mother got back home, she put her bonnet and shawl on a bed. She picked up her baby, and paced the floor weeping, laughing and praising God. She declared, ‘Today when I was at church, I gave my little Henry Clay to God to preach the Gospel, and I believe that God accepted the gift and after I am dead and gone, this baby boy, grown to manhood, will preach about Jesus.’”

Eighty years later, Henry Clay Morrison wrote: “Through the years, I have thanked God that my mother gave me to Him as a baby. There is no way to estimate the value of a devout, Christian mother.”

Over the years, over 10,000 students from 77 countries on 6 continents have graduated from the seminary that he started. In so many ways, it all points back to his godly mother.


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