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Louisiana Strong

Hello Friends, An old fable from Aesop points to a big old lion who is out prowling in a field. Four oxen are in the field. The lion tried to attack them, but they always came together and turned their tails towards each other, and faced outward. And so, every time that the lion tried, he was met by the horns of one of the oxen. But then one day, the oxen argued with each other. They went off alone to a separate corner of the field. Guess what happened? The big lion saw his chance, and he attacked them one by one, and they were all finished. The old fable ended with a simple and powerful statement, “United we stand, but divided we fall.” In the midst of our struggles, it has been so encouraging to receive calls or texts or emails from friends and colleagues who were checking on our church and on me personally. In my sermon last Sunday, I talked about the amazing visit that our church staff had with the staff of Lynn Haven United Methodist Church in Panama City, Florida. They drove all the way from Florida to serve us lunch and to encourage us and to pray for us. They also presented a financial gift to our church. It reminds me that we are not in this alone. It makes a big difference to know that we are in this together. And together, with God’s gracious help, we will get through this, stronger than ever. May God give you peace & strength today! Rev. Weldon Bares Senior Pastor

THIS SUNDAY we will offer TWO morning worship services - - 9:30 and 11:00 AM. Both services will be in the sanctuary of our church, and will be identical. We will continue our sermon series on THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES & THE GOSPEL with, "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow." As always, we will practice safe social distancing and will wear our masks.

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