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"Max . . . and Steps to Normalcy" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Ever since Hurricane Laura came to visit us, my dog has been staying with my brother in Lafayette. The fence in my backyard was destroyed and there was too much work going on inside the house. So Max has had an extended vacation of two months. (Max is an Italian Spinone rescue.)

But Warren has been so good to Max. Maybe too good. He takes him to the ULL campus a few times a week to stroll around. He has spent time playing in some water fountains. He goes to the office several times a week. He sleeps on a leather couch every night. Max has been living large in the heart of Acadiana. But before too long, Max will come back to Lake Charles. 

One of my favorite country/rock/folk singers is Lucinda Williams, a native of Lake Charles. She has a great song with the words, “He had a reason to get back to Lake Charles. He used to talk about it. He'd just go on and on.” 

Well, Max has a reason to get back to Lake Charles. He is a Lake Charles boy. His home is here. And because I sure miss him. Having Max back home will be a step for me towards normalcy. And Lord knows, we all need some normalcy.

As we continue to heal and recover, I pray that you will be able to take some little steps this week towards normalcy. For many people, part of that normalcy is coming back to church.

As you pray about this, just remember that we take the health of our members and friends very seriously at First United Methodist Church. In morning worship at 9:30 and 11:00AM we practice social distancing and wear masks.

Little steps towards normalcy are so important. Welcome home, Max!

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