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"Reach Up by Faith" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares


I have been a fan of Billy Graham for all of my life. He was not only a great preacher, but he was an excellent writer as well.

He wrote, “Hope For the Troubled Heart,” in 1991. In the book he wrote about a time in his life that he was going through a time of darkness. He prayed and prayed about this, but did not seem to get an answer. He wrote that he was feeling that God was uncaring and that he had to face his darkness alone.

During this time of trouble, he wrote a letter to his mother and told her about his experience. He never forget what she wrote back to him: “Son, there are many times when God withdraws to test your faith. God wants you to trust Him in the darkness. Now, son, reach up by faith in the fog and you will find that God’s hand will be there.”

I say respectfully that I don’t know that I agree with the theological premise of his mother, that God withdraws to test our faith, but I sure agree with her conclusion that God wants us to trust Him in the darkness.

Billy Graham wrote in his book: “Relieved, I knelt by my bed and experienced an overwhelming sense of God’s presence.”

Because of two hurricanes and COVID-19, we have been walking in the darkness in our community for some time now. Perhaps you feel like you are personally in some kind of a fog.

Let me encourage you in this season of Advent to join with me in preparing our heart for the coming of Christ by reaching up by faith in times of darkness and challenge today to find God’s hand.

May God bless you today in a special way! Rev. Weldon Bares Senior Pastor

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