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"Refuse to be Beaten!" - by Rev. Weldon Bares

The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is magnificent. It took 74 years to complete the work on this building. In October of 1978, Queen Elizabeth II dedicated the incredible building. The foundation was laid by her grandfather, King Edward VII, in 1904.

The building has survived two world wars. It has survived bankruptcy and escalating costs. The work was once stopped for two years by a strike. Thieves actually broke in and stole the bronze bars for the last big stained glass window. Because of that, it was not installed until a few days before the dedication.

During the bleakest days of World War II, King George VI visited the cathedral workers. He told them, "Keep on with the work, if only in a small way. Refuse to be beaten." King George was talking about a building, but his words communicate across the years.

Think about his words. “Keep on with the work. Refuse to be beaten.” The Apostle Paul affirmed, “I press on toward the mark.” (Philippians 3:14)

Some people today quit at the first hint of difficulty and opposition. Let’s not be in that group!

May God give us the courage to keep going and refuse to be beaten.

That is the example of the carpenter's Son two thousand years ago. He never threw in the towel and called it quits. He kept going, all the way to the cross, and the empty tomb. Refuse to be beaten!

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