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"The Eagle's Nest in Bavaria" - by Rev. Weldon Bares

While on a recent trip to see the Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany, several of us took a side trip to see the Eagle’s Nest. I have seen this site many times on documentaries about World War II.

The Eagle’s Nest was built on the summit of Kehlstein, near the town of Berchtesgaden in Germany. It was completed in 1938 for Hitler’s 50th birthday, and was used only by members of the Nazi party. He went to this place 17 different times.

It is quite an experience to get there. You have to buy tickets and ride a special bus to go up the steep twisting road to the top. After that, there is a long tunnel, then to a large elevator with polished brass, Venetian mirrors and green leather. The view of the Alps from the top is spectacular.

It was amazingly beautiful, but it was also creepy. There is certainly no homage paid to Hitler at the place, but I couldn’t help but think of the monsters who relaxed up there in the late 1930's and early 1940's. The scenery was breathtaking, but the remembrance of evil was still there, at least for me and for those in our group.

Scripture teaches that we live in a fallen world. Even in the most breath-taking vistas, evil can lurk. In the prayer that he taught his disciples, Jesus said to pray, “Deliver us from evil.” (Matthew 6:13) May that be our daily prayer, whether we are at the Eagle’s Nest in Bavaria or here in south Louisiana.

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