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"Travels With Charley" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

I recently read John Steinbeck’s book, “Travels with Charley,” and really enjoyed it.

The author and his French poodle, Charley, drove across America all the way from the northernmost part of Maine to the Monterey Peninsula in California, and eventually back home to Long Island, New York.

John Steinbeck was 58 years old when he made this journey in 1960 with his dog. The 10,000 mile trip was made in a specially-made camper that he named Rocinante, after Don Quixote’s horse. The book is an account of the people, the sites, and the challenges he met along the way. On his way home, he had a long journey through Texas and even mentions Lake Charles, Lafayette, Houma and Morgan City, with a moving observation of racial hostility taking place at the time in New Orleans.

The reason that Steinbeck took this trip, according to his son, is that he knew he was dying and he wanted to see his country for the last time.

I just wonder, are you on a journey of some kind today? A health challenge? A spiritual journey? Family struggles? A new job? Journeys can be challenging and so exhausting. Sometimes they can be life changing.

Whatever journey you are on today, may God give you strength and courage for each step of the way. When it’s all said and done, I sure would like my journey to be called, “Travels With Christ.”

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