2020 Schedule

Jan 12
Jan 19

Sin/Fall (In Class)

Egg video

What is Sin?

Homework week 3

Jan 26

Redemption and Christ in Me (Online)

Gal 2:20 video

Saul/Paul video


Feb 2
Feb 9

John Wesley (In Class)

Rev. Weldon

Who was JW?

Feb 16

Church Tour (In Class)

Beginning at 9:40 sharp

Feb 23

Grace and the Quadrilateral (Online)

Chuck and the Quad



Mar 1

Baptism (In Class)


Sacraments Fast Facts

Wk 10.
Mar 8

Communion (In Class)


Wk 11.
Mar 15

What I believe (online)


Wk 12.
Mar 22
postponed due to COVID 19

What I believe part 2/ Catch up Sunday

Wk 13.
Mar 29
postponed due to COVID 19

Week with Rev. Weldon

(In Class)

Wk 14
Apr 5
postponed due to COVID 19

Confirmation Sunday

Worship Center- Please arrive by 7:45am.

Confirmation is a time to learn more about what it means to be a follower of Christ, and an opportunity to take faith on for yourself. It's a time to learn, ask questions, and understand more of what being a Christian and a Methodist is all about.     


     On January 5th, 2020, we started Confirmation Class.  Here at First UMC, we have a hybrid confirmation class. This means we will meet both online and in the classroom. Some weeks of the confirmation class will meet online only. 


*In Class Weeks: Confirmation classes will meet in the Youth Wing at 9:40am. Rev. Katie will meet with them. If a Confirmand has to miss an in class week, the videos, lessons, and homework will always be posted on this page.


*Online Weeks: During Sunday School, Confirmands are invited to join in with Youth Sunday School. During the week, each Confirmand will come to this website where they will find short videos, lessons, and homework.


*Homework: Both in class and online weeks have weekly homework assignments that can be found on this webpage.

Each Confirmand will email the completed assignment to confirmationfumc@gmail.com by the following Sunday.

Ex: If we study Grace on March 10th, then the homework for Grace will be due on March 17th.

      Please note that while having online lessons gives you great flexibility on when the lesson is completed, the Confirmands will have to show self-discipline to log-on each week, watch the video, read the fun facts, and complete/submit the worksheet before the next Sunday. I hope this gives an opportunity for Confirmation to be something the whole family can participate in together, by creating deeper discussions in the homework.

      I pray this hybrid method is convenient and easy for you.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!

       Rev. Katie

For weeks with LIVE classes:

Sundays  9:40-10:30 a.m. in the Youth Wing

Take Home Questions will be posted above for Confirmands to think over, and answer during the week-questions for the week are always due the next Sunday.

*For weeks with ON-LINE classes

 Lesson will be posted on this page and is to be completed during the week. Answers are due the following Sunday to confirmationfumc@gmail.com.


Confirmands are invited to join Youth Sunday School during online weeks.

Classes taught by

Past Confirmation Classes


812 Kirkman St

Lake Charles, LA 70601

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714 Pujo St

Lake Charles, LA 70601


 Mon - Fri  9 am - 2 pm

After hours, please leave a message

and we will return your call!