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We are so glad you are visiting us!

Here is a short video we’ve made to introduce you to First Methodist.

Let us show you our home!

Click Through To Take Picture Tour Prepared For You

Worship with us Sunday!

Contemporary Worship
9:00 am

Contemporary Worship Center

Traditional  Worship
11:00 am


A Great Home for Children and Young Adults

Youth 180 Ignite
6th Grade - 12th Grade

Web Page

Facebook Page

Children's JAM (Jesus And Me!)
4yrs - 5th Grade

Web Page

Nursery During Worship & Studies

6wks - 4yrs

Growing in faith through study and discussion.


Sunday School

Classes are meeting again! Contact the church office for more information!


Bible & Book Studies

Streaming view archive
Face to Face Various times - Check our Calendar! 


Methodism 101

Classes on Methodism are held twice a year in the Fall and in the Spring for those wanting to learn more about the Methodist faith.

Friendships based on Christ's love.


A church family will pray and serve when one is in need. A church family will celebrate joys with one another. A church family will help hold up those who are struggling through hard times.


A church family is not made of perfect people, but they do honor the One who is... by loving one another.

A Staff Devoted To Serving God and His people.


If you have any questions about worship, ministries, or activities, please let us know! It is our pleasure to welcome you into our church home and introduce you to folks who embrace "radical hospitality."


Call us at 337-436-6656.

See you this Sunday!

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