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The Columbarium



From earliest times, people have been concerned about their earthly resting place, especially that it be near the gathering place of their families so that each may be held in lasting, loving remembrance.


Many congregations have rediscovered the vital caring ministry that once was served by the church burial ground. With more people choosing cremation, the church once again has the opportunity to minister effectively to the people, through a Columbarium ministry. Reverent and dignified, the Columbarium provides a permanent and safe resting place for the cremated remains of our church members, their immediate family, former church members, and former pastors.


Niches may be reserved by advance commitment, singly or for family groups. The purchaser receives a Certificate of Ownership which indicates the choice of niches. Ownership is not transferable except back to the church. Each niche is enclosed with a protective front of bronze, to which is attached a metal identification plate for the deceased’s name and dates of birth and death.















Funeral and/or memorial services may be held in either the Sanctuary, Worship Center, or Chapel.




The Columbarium is located in the second floor Chapel at First United Methodist Church, Lake Charles. This space provides a beautiful and sacred setting. We invite you to visit the Chapel and Columbarium at your convenience.




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