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Media Team


Dr. Linda Larson

Media Director


Nathan Guillory

Asst. Media Director

Technology Team Members:

Austin Hennigan

Cooper Mayo

Lance Veronie

Shane Goad

Ty Himel

If you would like to volunteer to help with the technology in our church services and activities contact Linda Larson.

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  • This Media Technology Resources page has links to all our media resources,

  • To listen to Rev. Weldon's Daily Perceptions Click Here & to read his Weekly Article Click Here.

  • Our church website has the most information.

  • To watch recent sermons Click Here & to watch archived sermons Click Here.

  • To watch the Chancel Choir anthems Click Here

  • We have two Facebook pages. You do not have to be on Facebook to view these pages: Contains sermons, live streaming of church services, & other event postings.

  • Sermon by Telephone Dial 1-337-223-8326. For more information Click Here.

  • To listen to our archived radio broadcasts Click Here.

  • To access our Bible Studies Click Here.

  • Our Custom Church App is downloaded from the application store to your device. There is an app for both Android and Apple.






Media Technology Resources

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