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Visitation for Sick & Homebound

Visitation for the Sick and Homebound

Our Caring Ministry Team is devoted to making sure that those facing illness, surgery, or long term confinement are still delivered the love of Christ. This can take many forms.


  • Prayer before surgery 

  • Hospital visits

  • Home or care center visits

  • Delivery of the Sacrament of Communion


If you or a loved one are in need of visitation, please let us know at the church office so that our Caring Ministry Team can be contacted.


Call the office at 337-436-6656.

REMINDER: Due to the HIPAA Privacy Protection laws, hospitals are not allowed to provide churches with any information unless you authorize permission. For this reason, we will not know that you have been admitted to the hospital unless you or a family member contacts the church directly.

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Rev. Steffanie Pace
Associate Pastor 

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