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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Pick up groceries for Faith & Friends Food Pantry

Once a week (Mon-Thurs) or as needed.

Looking for a couple of people with pickup truck or SUV (and a strong back) to pick up groceries and deliver to the Faith & Friends Food Pantry.

Most items are picked up at Market Basket.

The food pantry is located at 4009 Legion Street.

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Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Read to Students at Combre-Fondel Elementary School

Fridays from 1 - 2 pm.

Combre-Fondel is located at 2115 Fitzenreiter Rd, Lake Charles

Each Friday, volunteers are each partnered up with a student needing help with their reading skills.  Sometimes you will read them; other times they will read to you.  

Cook a Meal for Celebrate Recovery

Pick a Thursday night that works for you!

Estimated quantity 20-25

Deliver to Paxton Hall by 4 pm

The Celebrate Recovery ministry meets every Thursday night for an Opening Meeting.  Prior to the meeting, we provide a meal at a low cost to participants.  This is very helpful when people are rushing from work or parents need to bring kids with them (as we also provide childcare).  It is also an important time of fellowship.

If you are interested or have questions, please click below to email Cheryl Gott, our CR Food Coordinator.

Please note:  reimbursement for your expenses is available.

Be a Lunch Buddy at Combre Fondel

1st Fridays & 3rd Wednesdays

time TBD

meet at Combre-Fondel

2115 Fitzenreiter Rd, Lake Charles

Come visit with the students during their lunch period.   

If you are interested or have questions, please click below to email Kayla Rigney, FUMC Coordinator for this project at Combre-Fondel.

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