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"Feeling Rejected?" - - by Rev. Weldon Bares

I have several books by G. Campbell Morgan in my library. They have inspired me in so many ways over the years. But there is a back story to this.

In the year 1888, Campbell Morgan at the age of twenty-five applied for admission to the Wesleyan School of ministry. Only 45 students could be admitted, but 150 had applied. He passed his doctrine test. The only thing left was to present a trial sermon. For this, there were 3 professors sitting in a large auditorium that could seat a thousand people. Campbell was not up to the job and was quite nervous to preach in such an intimidating setting.

Two weeks later, Campbell got word that he had been rejected, and that he showed “no promise.” He sent a telegram to his father with one word, "Rejected." He wrote in his diary that night, "Very dark everything seems. Still, He knoweth best." His father immediately sent back a telegram with these words: "Rejected on earth. Accepted in Heaven. Dad."

Campbell Morgan persisted, and continued to follow God’s leading. He became one of the greatest evangelists and Biblical scholars in the world. In 60 years of ministry he preached 23,390 times and wrote over 70 books. His 4 sons all became preachers.

Are you feeling rejected today? I encourage you to turn in faith to God, who will never reject us. Isn’t that great news?

May the words of Campbell Morgan’s father encourage us today: “Rejected on earth. Accepted in heaven.”

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